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    My name is Iman and I have been a photographer for over 6 years. I have categorized my information in different paragraphs, hoping you would go through easily. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy my work!

    Personal-wise, I am a senior PhD student in engineering. I do photography to think outside the box, and am quite serious on it. I am well-known for my sense of humor and hard working. I love hanging out with my friends, visiting galleries and traning Taekwondo.

    Photography-wise, I carry experience of 6 years photography. I started photography back in my country, and here in California I worked under guidence of Shane Anderson, Wolfgang Hastert, Fred Lonidier and Phel Steinmetz. Here you are mostly visiting my candidate photographs from finished projects. I am really interested in new ideas and not just taking pictures. I want to explore new ideas in any sort i.e. artistic fashion photography, sequences and alternatives moodes.

    Unfortunately I am a really busy person, then please contact me in advance and then we can arrange an appointment.

    Cheers, Iman

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  • Interests

    Black and White

    Color tones! I loved them! as you can see from my website I enjoy a lot from B/W works! It's not only on my portraits, but also it's on my landscape shots too! I know that modern technology and digital arts are primarily focusing on colors and they are brilliant, but B/W works (like James Welling) are quite enjoyable for me. I have done some B/W projects and am excited to do more.

    New Faces

    Portrait is my first choice on interest's list. For me photography is how I like to see the word, and my portraits are indeed how I see people and their emotions/feeling. I do love working with experienced models and persons. It just makes it incredibly easy to get some amazing shots. But on the other hands, it's also fun meeting new talents, as long as they are easy to work with and serious about project.

    Alternative Modes

    There is long discussion on where the borders of photography are and what is photographic art? For me alternative modes mean verity of techniques which can lead to photographic art. These techniques (which doesn't necessarily include camera) are: Darkroom and photograms, Pinhole camera, Cyanotype, Inkjet Transfer, Multiple-Image Exposure, Cross-Processing and etc. For me alternative modes are a different language to express my own interpretation/imagination of reality.

    Fashion and Modeling

    I remember a model asking me "what got you in photography?" My first exposion into this industry was modeling. I was doing it many years ago, but I changed my mind and I'm now behind the camera! Although I'm not a big fan of putting myself in front of camera anymore, I do love fashion and modeling. I worked for commercial shots and fashion events and these are my second rank in interest's list.

    New Places

    of course new places are as interesting as new faces! I would love to travel around world to take thousands of photographs of different cultures, people and places. So far I haven't had enough time to travel, but travelling has thought me: "there are myriads of photography opportunities out there, that you have not seen!"

  • Contact Information

    Iman Gohari

    Feel free to contact me by "ImanGohariPhotography(at)Gmail(dot)com" to book an appointment for shooting.